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It’s the little things…

My son has yet to begin his project.  My husband and I did have a few thoughts to share with him on the subject.  I tried hard to not say anything, but I just couldn’t help myself.  He kept telling me that he couldn’t get started until I helped him find pictures.  He is doing a timeline of his life with pictures documenting each age and special events.  I told him that my part came after he made notes and general ideas of what he would like to include for each year.  He didn’t want to hear that.  As I tucked him into bed tonight, his last words to me as I turned out his light were, “I don’t understand why you won’t even help me.  That’s not too much to ask.”  Instead of explaining why for the tenth time, I told him I loved him and said goodnight, as I felt my blood pressure rise. 

I felt a little better when I heard a friend share with me that another parent of a child in my son’s class was living the same scene at her house.  I keep being reminded that natural consequences are good.  I just have to not get stressed out in the process!

I had a sweet moment with my daughter this evening.  This morning I put a note in both of my children’s lunchboxes.  Each had my hope that they have a great day, but using adjectives that they would each find fun, even creative in their origin.  My daughter’s note said something like, “I hope you have a super fantastic, terrific, stupendous, beautimous day.”  She thought that was great!  In fact, before she went to bed tonight, she left me a note reminding me to “rite another note on Monday” for her.  🙂

Here’s hoping you have a super great, fantastic evening!

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