Getting back on track

I can’t believe that it has been so long since I last posted.  My intentions really were good when I said I wanted to post more often.  I guess I let too many things get in the way.  Like many busy moms working to build their careers, I try to juggle too many balls at once.  Sometimes I do it well, and sometimes I don’t.  So, this is a new day.  A new post. 

I can’t believe that it is the end of the school year already.  My children are very excited about summertime and the prospect of announcing they are in the next grade after tomorrow.  A big deal to be in the 2nd and the 5th grades!  They have had super busy weeks leading up to the end of school.  I have heard several other moms say that this time of year is even busier than the holidays.  I believe I have bought into that belief as well.

Now the challenge to have a fun summer for us all while finding time to still write.  My son said he wanted to do a lot of relaxing and having fun.  My daughter said she wanted to play a lot.  They both said that they don’t want me to work any, but to play with them and do fun things with them.  That can all be a tricky order to fill.  Fortunately, I have signed them up for a few activities this summer, allowing me several good windows of time to work.  I will have to make sure I use this time well.

One thing my children and I recently accomplished is a complete reorganization of their bedrooms.  We cleaned out mounds of things that they didn’t play with anymore, and rearranged all that remained.  Both of them wanted their books organized more like a library so they could find things better.  I told them I just couldn’t bring myself to getting that detailed with it, so we agreed on categorizing the books in our own way.  The result was two children thrilled with seeing all their books in an orderly set-up.  My daughter said that one of the things she wanted to do was read all of her books from the top of the shelf to the bottom.  We started this project some months ago, but she kept being pulled away by the Ivy and Bean books and American Girl books.  She said we needed to start over and make that a good goal for the summer. 

My son’s biggest thrill with books lately has been the arrival of the 5th Percy Jackson book, The Last Olympian   To prepare for this book’s release, he re-read the third and fourth books.  He had saved a gift card from his birthday to purchase the book.  I told him that I had a coupon for the book, saving 40% off of the cover, plus we got a 10% member’s discount.  He asked me to print this coupon and then proceeded to cut out the coupon (multiple coupons were on the page), tape it to the inside of his gift card, and place it all in my purse with a note reminding me to please get the new book TODAY!  Couldn’t tell a bit that he was excited.

He did read the book within the first two days.  He would have finished it the first day if he didn’t have to go to sleep.   The review on the book from my son is that it is AWESOME!  He has since re-read the entire series, and read the 5th book two more times.  I do love his enthusiasm.

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