Ready or not, summertime is here!

Well, it is official.  We now have a 2nd grader and a 5th grader.  They are excited about their jump in grade levels, but more than that, they are excited about it being summertime!  I have heard several moms say, including several author moms, that all has to be put on the back burner because it is summer and the kids just want to play.  Face it, adults want to play, too!  That doesn’t mean, however, that good work can’t be accomplished.  I think we just have to be more creative in how we get things done.

As an author, I do think it is a prime time to be a content creator.  I heard this title a while back, and really liked it.  It fits what I feel my calling in life is.  My husband often encourages me to wear this title and assume the role on a daily basis.  He is right.  It is so important to not just strive to create content, but to actually do so.  It is easy with a new summer schedule to think that real writing has to go by the wayside.  I don’t think that is true.  I am actually feeling more inspired to create now than I have in recent months.   I am feeling like I will, however, need to be more creative in how I structure my time to create.  I enjoyed reading the recent blog posts of fellow SCBWI members,, discussing how to approach the summer and writing.  Good food for thought.  So, for all the authors out there, let’s create some content!

My children are easily moving into the summer routine.  Sleeping in a little later, watching movies, just hanging out.  Last week my son attending a sports camp.  On one of these days, my daughter declared that she NEEDED to have a High School Musical movie marathon (her brother would have had no interest in this great plan).  This entailed watching all three movies in succession, with NO break between each movie.  She said she wanted it to be like one really long movie.  Well, she got her wish.  She seemed a little zombie-like afterwards, but she was happy.  Now, mind you, there was mention that this would not be a pattern we could repeat on a daily basis or her mind would definitely turn to complete mush.

It was fun to let her do that, and also to let my children have a voice in what they would like to do for fun this summer.  They have given me some ideas, but we still need to make our “master list” of what we would like to do.  I have also made a list of projects to complete around the house.  I have crossed several off my list already, feeling pretty good about the progress thusfar.  My children, however, told me that it was silly for me to want to do these projects now when I should have done them in the spring while they were in school.  I guess they didn’t love the idea of helping me with all these great projects! 

The most recent project was cleaning out the garage.  My son thought it was a great idea.  I quickly realized he had a bigger idea of cleaning out the side storage room in our garage to make room for our family’s bikes.  After I picked him up from his camp, he immediately started taking everything out, and within 30 minutes, he had it cleared out.  I was impressed.  He was motivated by the idea of having a dedicated space for his bike.  It made me think about what motivates him and his sister in life overall.  I am reading a book that I think will help answer these questions.  More about this later.

The really big news in my family is that there is talk of getting a puppy.  This has been a dream of mine and our children for what seems like forever.  My husband, however, didn’t share our dream.  He called puppies varmints.  You probably get the idea of his take on the issue.  That was the case, until a recent meeting of a dog that lives on our street.  The only time I have ever heard him say that a dog was cute.  The children and I made it our mission to find that dog again and find out what kind of dog it is. 

A few days ago,  we saw the dog again, and discovered that she had been a pound puppy, and they thought she was probably a Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel mix.   I looked up this mix, and discovered that it was known as a Comfort Retriever.  I told my husband this information, and he has been researching this breed of dog like crazy since then.  He even called a family  meeting to share that he was open to exploring the possibility of getting a puppy.   He just asked that we complete what he called a “puppy plan” that would include all the information on what we would need, how a puppy would be cared for, etc.  We checked him for a fever.  He is fine.  He said that God had softened his heart and made him open to a puppy.  Our daughter has been praying for a puppy for a solid two years now.  She said she just knew Daddy would want a dog one day, God had told her so.  I admire her patience and perseverance.  We found a breeder a few hours away.  Next step will be a trip to visit them and meet the potential parents!  Yippee!!

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