The Great Dog Search

The great dog search continues.  Since the “green light” was lit by my husband, the information gathering stage of the search for a perfect dog for our family is on.  And on. And on. 

We are definitely doing our due diligence, all of us.  We are searching online for breeders, reading all about the breed, and even started the process of visiting breeders.  We actually drove to Lexington, KY last week to meet a breeder, and that was quite a distance from our home.  The breeder was very nice, but not the best fit for our family.  We did learn a lot through the process, though, and also saw a spectacular part of our country!

We have even been taping and watching episodes of the Dog Whisperer.  Quite fascinating, actually.  The kids are SO into watching it, and I have to admit, my husband and I are as well.  We are now exploring books to read and other things to learn about dogs.  When I was young,  I thought if you wanted a dog you just needed to go buy one, and bring him/her home and love it!  Doesn’t seem as simple today. 

I do think, however, there is a lot to be said for having our children involved in this process.  They are eager to learn about dogs, how to take care of them and how to train them.  They are getting a good idea of what it will take to be good dog owners.   My daughter asked if she could change a beach weekend with a friend so she wouldn’t miss a visit to a breeder we had scheduled.  I told her that if the breeder was a good fit for our family, that we would be visiting them again.  That wasn’t good enough.  She told me that it was important that she have a vote the first time we meet them and she needed to help decide if they were they right place for us to get our puppy.  She had a good point.  I changed the date we originally planned for her trip.  She reminded me that no matter how young, children do have a voice and an opinion that counts.  I also know that many times they have a perspective or notice things that adults overlook.

We checked our local Animal Shelter to see if there is a dog for our family there.  I think it would be great if we could rescue a dog.  To date, there hasn’t been the right fit in a dog for our family at our shelter.  I’ll keep checking and keep all options open. 

Another major change in the search is that we are now looking at a full bred Golden Retriever.  I originally thought, when the children and I first began our lobbying effort for a family dog, that we wanted to get a small dog.  My husband’s first “dog awakening” moment brought with it a desire to have a medium sized, thirty or so pound dog.  Now he has moved us up to a fifty to sixty pound dog that sheds.   I do think Golden Retrievers are beautiful, but I do know about dog hair tumbleweeds.  I grew up with a St. Bernard.  I loved him, but he was a very big dog that shed a LOT!  Tumbleweeds of hair that we needed to corral each and every day.  My husband lives more on the super clean and orderly side of life.  I have tried to explain to him what it is like to have a big dog that sheds.   We have even had several friends that have asked if he really knew how much they shed.  They know him well.  He insists that it won’t be an issue.  I think I’m going to draft an “I Will Clean Up Dog Hair” Contract for him to sign.  Maybe add a pinky swear in there as well. 

The dog saga will continue.  I’ll keep updating on our progress.  In the meantime, if you have a great dog search story, please share it!

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