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Peer Pressure Gone Right!

My children have discovered several new books that have completely captured them.  The Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz (www.alexrider.com) has grabbed hold of my son and won’t let go.  He has added this series to his group of all-time favorite series of books. One of his friends gave him the first book in the series at Christmas.  These two boys have always had a love of books, and the moms have enjoyed exchanging ideas of great books our boys would enjoy.  After my son devoured the first book, he checked the next one in the series out of his school library. His friend told him how much he loved the series, so that was a great motivator for him to read it ASAP.  Two days later he came home with another book, and for several weeks he always had one with him.  He was driven to read them all as quickly as possible, and started reading them again when he finished.  He constantly talked about how great they were. He must have even talked to his teacher about the book, because soon after he said his teacher was reading the first Alex Rider book aloud to the class.  Now that is a great teacher– he caught on to the enthusiasm my son had for this series and is now passing it along to the other students.

Recently I took my children to one of their most favorite places– the bookstore.  I think some people might wonder when I am asked what my children would like for a gift and I tell them a gift card to the bookstore, whether or not it is mom really wanting them to buy books.  Truth is, they beg to go on a regular basis.  They love to hang out there as much as I do.  Same story for the library.  We can’t get enough of being around books.  This trip my children both had gift cards and a definite plan of how to spend them.  My son walked out with four Alex Rider books.  He now owns all but the last one.  He was beyond excited and proudly found a home for them on his bookshelf.  What a great mommy moment.

My daughter purchased several more Beverly Cleary books (www.beverlycleary.com).  She told me that  Ellen Tebbits and  Emily’s Runaway Imagination had no choice but to come home with us.  She just loves the Ramona books and said that Beverly Clearly is a really good author, so these books just had to be great, too.  All authors like to hear that!  She really enjoys funny books and stories that she can relate to as an 8 year old girl. Several months ago we bought all three Clementine books by Sara Pennypacker.  Now those are some funny books!  I even laughed aloud when I read them, and so did my daughter.  She talks about them all the time.  I volunteered to read a chapter book aloud to her class, and she begged me to choose Clementine.  I honored her request after she said she was SO SURE everyone, including the boys, would love it.  She said she had told everyone about it and they really wanted to hear it.  She was right.  The children were so excited when I arrived each week, and didn’t want me to stop reading when our time ended.  Many children had gotten the book and read it entirely between my visits– including boys!  That was a WOW for sure!  Never underestimate the power of children talking about books to their friends.  This kind of peer pressure can make such a powerful impact.  Let’s all make sure we maximize it.   Now, plan a trip to the bookstore or library with your children today!  Only good things can happen.

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