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Raising our Children to Strive for Greatness like MLK

Today is Martin Luther King Day.  My husband has always considered Dr. King one of his heroes, and admired all that he did for our country.  I didn’t know this about him until our first year of marriage.  First thing in the morning on Martin Luther King Day, my husband emerged from the home office with a book and began reciting, in full theatrical mode, the “I Have a Dream” speech.  After being momentarily perplexed, I listened.  Although I had heard it many times before, to hear it in this manner definitely gave it a different perspective.

After my husband’s presentation, we discussed Martin Luther King, Jr. and his thoughts on how King impacted our nation.  Although I had always admired the man and what he stood for, I had an even better appreciation for him after adding my husband’s insights as well.  Each year since then, we laugh about my husband’s annual oratory, but all of us listen and inevitably a good discussion ensues.

Today as I anticipate my husband’s presentation, I think about Dr. King and the true impact he made on our society.  His life was short by today’s measures of time, but the difference he made was equivalent to those twice his age.  I also think about how I can truly make a difference in this world, and how I can instill in my children the desire to do so as well.

As a parent, I feel if I can raise happy, healthy, moral children that have strong values, treat others well, and strive to do good things in this world, then I will be a success.

On Twitter this morning, I read a tweet from that had a link to ideas of things to do with children to help celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr..  I invite you to take a look at them .  Who knows, maybe you are raising a son or daughter that will one day make as much of an impact on our world as Dr. King.

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The first day of the new year almost always brings resolutions, or at least the talk of them.  As an adult I have never been much of a resolution person, mainly because I never keep them.  Even as a child I would make a long list of things I wanted to do or do differently for the new year, but as most people, the list would be forgotten a few days or weeks into the new year.  I finally decided in my early 20’s that I would no longer attempt resolutions, then I wouldn’t feel bad if/when I didn’t keep them.

I saw a Facebook post from one of my childhood friends regarding her 5 year old son’s New Year’s resolution to go to bed earlier.  She commented on the fact that her son was so excited that no one else in his class had this same resolution.  Too cute.   Later she posted that it was January 6, and he, like most adults,  had already forgotten about his resolution.

I did make a “kinda” resolution on January 1, but didn’t call it that.  I tweeted to encourage people to make a resolution to spend more time with their children, and be truly present with them.  My intention was to also do this myself.  I hope that I do this more than not, but I realize that the busyness of life sometimes prevents me from doing it as often as I would like.

Since my “resolution” tweet, I have spent a lot of good time with my children, and I feel like I have been more present, meaning I wasn’t doing two other things when I was with them (I live the multi-tasking stereotype of moms at times).  We have played lots of games, watched many family movies, and read together.

We had a “big” snow of 3 inches the other day, and my children went sledding down the little hill in our front yard.  They appeared to be having a good time, but then I asked if I could join in with the extra sled (aka plastic saucer).  They both gave me a resounding, “YES!”  I noted that as I made my runs down the hill, both children seemed to be more animated and enjoying the outdoor fun much more than they were before I joined in.  They engaged me in races and other creative ways of going down the short hill, often ending in one, then both children “falling” on me in a group tumble/hug.  My daughter said that she was having the most fun ever, now that I was out there with them.

Sometimes I think my children don’t want me around as much the older they get.  I think this snow experience redirected my thinking.  While they do need space to spread their ever-growing wings, they still like playing and having me engaged in activity with them.  This confirms to me that my “resolution” for 2011 is a good one.  Here’s to a great 2011, full of fun with my children!

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