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Guest Post From Perfectionist Biscuit Maker

I have a story that is just too good not to share.  My husband is known as quite a perfectionist, and rarely does anything wrong, at least from his perspective.  After you read the story, you will understand why this is such a treasure.  It also didn’t help my husband’s position that he bragged about how his biscuits were going to be so good, light and fluffy.  I loved the fact that our children noticed each of the mistakes as they were made, and kept whispering to me what they saw.  They have been learning how to cook since they were very young, and wanted so badly to tell him what was going wrong.  But alas, we watched, chuckled, and waited for the proof on the plate.  And what a plate it was…  Got to love his effort and enthusiasm!

And now… my husband’s guest post:

Last weekend my mom visited and told my wife and kids about the delicious biscuits I used to make when I was in the 7th grade. Amused by this revelation, they asked my mom to send us the recipe (40 years old, in my own cursive handwriting) so I could re-create my legendary biscuits.

With great excitement (and cameras documenting the historic moment), I took charge of the kitchen. Amid unexplained snickers from my wife and kids, I confidently gathered the ingredients and began preparing my delicacies. In hindsight, I should have read the recipe a little more carefully. That was my first mistake . . . and it only got worse from there. Apparently I added unnecessary ingredients to self-rising flour, I didn’t really know what kneading was, and I got a little aggressive with the salt.

Unaware of the impending disaster, I proudly removed the biscuits from the oven, only to observe that they seemed a little flat and disc-like. As my 9yo daughter cautiously took her first bite, she lovingly stated, “The inside tastes like flour, the outside tastes like ocean, and overall it’s as hard as a rock.” My 12yo son succinctly summarized the tragic project in two words: “Epic fail.”

Dad's Inferior Biscuits

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